When you're nine years old and have a 3-D printer at home, the sky must seem like the limit. Calramon Mabalot from San Diego, California had taken to tinkering with his domestic 3D printer in order to create a functioning mechanical hand for someone in need. Calramon met Nick, a local high school teacher, at a library - and he was the proud recipient of that hand, which has completely articulated fingers. 

A group of people at the library where Calramon met Nick were also looking into getting the teacher a mechanical hand through the project Enabling the Future, which is a worldwide network of volunteers that design and print different prosthetics for people in need. Their website features plans and tutorials for hands and other mechanical devices.

This all seems like a lot of complicated work, but Calramon has help from his dad and brother, who make 3D printing a family affair. At age nine he's been dabbling in the hobby for a year and a half already. This kid has a bright future ahead of him, and lots more people to lend a helping hand to.   

Low-Cost 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand