Just because it’s considered trivial, doesn’t mean it’s boring. Here are 20 snippets of cool movie trivia to amaze your friends.

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In The Departed, Jack Nicholson pulling a gun on Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t in the script, but Nicholson thought the scene needed intensity. The gun was real.

Christian Bale based the demeanor of his American Psycho character on Tom Cruise. According to the film’s director Mary Harron, Bale watched an interview featuring the star, and said, he saw “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”. Ouch.

Mick Jagger was almost the lead in A Clockwork Orange. The writer, Anthony Burgess, thought about selling the movie rights to the Rolling Stone’s lead singer, with rest of the Stones being cast as the other Droogs.

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Ryan Gosling was cast in The Notebook because they wanted someone “not handsome” for the lead role of Noah.

In the Beatle’s film A Hard Day’s Night, the band’s name isn’t uttered a single time.

Similarly, Ewoks are never referred to as such in Return of the Jedi.

If you put together the main character’s names in Inception, it spells ‘dreams’. (Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, and Saito.)

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Actor Tony Todd put actual bees in his mouth while filming a scene in Candyman.

Billy Redden, the boy who famously delivered the banjo performance in Deliverance reprised the role in Big Fish, 31 years later.

Alien’s face-hugger eggs had unlikely lighting techs. Roger Daltrey and The Who were rehearsing next door to the movie set, and used laser lights from their show to illuminate the eggs.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume in Batman Returns was so tight, she could only be in it for short periods of time or she would pass out. She was literally vacuum-sealed into it.

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Once Robert Rodriguez had come up with the Machete character and told Danny Trejo about it, Trejo called Rodriguez regularly to convince him to make the film. One day, an annoyed Rodriguez asked why Trejo constantly called instead of just messaging him – to which Trejo replied, “Machete don’t text.”

Jaws writer Carl Gottlieb insists that the line, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” was improvised by Roy Scheider.

In the movie Drive, Ron Pearlman actually shatters his kneecap in a fight scene; his screams of pain are very real.

The entire cast and crew of 1982’s The Thing were male.

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Wookiee suits are actually made from human hair.

In the film Swingers, the sirens heard in the background of the casino scene are cops coming to stop the filmmakers, who were filming without a permit.

Studio executives wanted the lead in Terminator to be an “everyman”, and the part almost went to OJ Simpson. Ironically, director James Cameron thought OJ was “too nice” to be believable as the murderous cyborg.

As a protest against Humphrey Bogart and John Huston’s alcoholism, Katharine Hepburn drank only water during production of The African Queen. As it turns out, most everyone that consumed the local water became ill, while Bogart and Huston were fine because they exclusively drank whiskey.


Before Tim Burton was attached to the Batman films, Bill Murray was on the list of actors to play Batman. Maybe someday, Bill.

Original trivia from Huffington Post, NME, Buzzfeed, and Cracked.